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The Tour



The massive stone bridge arch - the LARGEST marble cave entrance in the east - dominates this spectacular display of Adirondack geology. Originally named Ponte de Dios (Bridge of God) by early explorers, the stone bridge has captivated visitors for over 200 years.
Jacob Van Benthuysen, Ancestor of the current owners, received the site in the 1700’s for Revolutionary War service. Guests can still visit the sawmill site he erected on the river today. This unique natural phenomenon is not only beautiful but also an extraordinarily rare feature of Adirondack Geology! It was originally described in "Morse’s Geography of 1790".  Go
here for additional references.

Unlike the slow forming limestone caverns, these marble caves were rapidly formed during the last ice age by an unusual East-West trending fault which exposed a layer of ancient marble to raging acidic floodwaters from melting glaciers.


Bring good rubber-soled enclosed walking shoes, take a walking stick, map, and camera and set out on a self-guided, ¾ mile, mostly above-ground, natural stone step nature trail and experience up-close the many unique rock features in the marble gorge, such as potholes, grottos, and mill site waterfalls. Descend into lighted surface caves with raging waterfalls or tranquil dark pools.

Go at your own rate and take the opportunity to stop and enjoy the scenery at our many benches offered along the walk. The tour and map are number coded with information provided on your map. Plan on about an hour for the tour.

 waterfalls in fall small pic.jpg  Noisy Cave small pic.jpg

Tour Health Restrictions: There are a number of natural stone steps on the tour making it impossible for strollers (we rent backpacks) and not advisable for anyone with a health problem that prohibits climbing up/down uneven steps. We do offer a number of other activities for those who cannot do our tour, including: a world-class rock & mineral shop, a 30min PBS video entitled “Under the Adirondacks” and an Adirondack Memories Museum. For a complete list of additional activities, see the Park Activities Section. We also offer two kennels for dogs (which are not allowed on the tour). Fishing is no longer allowed on the tour due to insurance regulations, but feel free to purchase special fish food and feed the trout in our fishpond.

  Noisy cave and family 2.jpg     Lost Pool and whirlpool cave system.jpg


Artists gorge panoramic.jpg


Adventure Tour (Adventure Tours are available July-Aug only, see the calendar link for availability)
Cavers are currently completing a survey of the cave systems and the owners have developed an adventure tour to explore additional caves for those willing to crawl and get a bit dirty. Then to wash clean the dirt, the tour ends with a cave float where you will explore a water filled cave that previously only our “mermaids” were allowed to venture in. You will be provided with a complete caving suit, including: helmet, light, jumpsuit, elbow and knee pads, groves, shoes and floatation vest. Tours will be ~ 3 hours, led by trained guides and are by reservation only (tour size is currently limited to 4-10 participants only, ages 13 and older).
Click here for Rates, more info & a reservation request form.


  Winter Tours Of the Stone Bridge & Area

Stone Bridge lit up 2.jpg

SNOWSHOE TOURS OF THE STONE BRIDGE CAVE ENTRANCE AND SURROUNDING PROPERTY (10am-4pm, Friday-Sunday ONLY), with a special Saturday Moonlight Evening Tour offered at 6pm (by prior reservation only). Monday-Thursday available for GROUPS (15 or more) by PRIOR RESERVATION. Click on for RATES and additional information.

Currently 12.5 miles of trails are available for exploration, including part of our summer trail going over the Stone Bridge and down to Mediation Isle for a close up view of the Stone Bridge, Sawmill waterfalls and ice flows.  Other trails include geological features new to our tour, including:  sinkholes, large glacial erratic boulder, & vertical ledges.  Also see more evidence of the local residents :  lots of large trees and stumps (felled by beavers), small cave dens, & lots of tracks in the snow (deer, rabbits, squirrels, bobcats, coyotes, turkeys, fishers, pine martins, and more).

WHAT TO BRING:  Good hiking boots (& gaiters if lots of snow), layered clothing, hat/gloves, bottled water, backpack or fanny pack.

SNOWSHOES:  Bring your own snowshoes & poles or rent them here ($5.00/day), call ahead to reserve (518-494-2283)

OPTIONAL "Good idea"  ITEMS:  Headlamp, cell-phone, 2-way walkie-talkie, compass, whistle.

DOGS:  Due to the nature of the trails (some narrow ramps etc), and due to insurance regulations, dogs are not allowed on the trails.

WHEN TO ARRIVE:  DAY PASS - Plan on walking at 1-2 miles/hour, so if you want to explore most of the property, please arrive before 1pm.  Last tickets sold at 3pm. 

GET A SEASON PASS for an additional $5.00 (to the day pass admission) and return as many times as you like all season!

SAT EVENING MOONLIGHT TOUR - Call first (518-494-2283) to make reservations and to verify the weather (for example, we will not offer a tour in the middle of a snowstorm, as visibility would be minimal).  Plan on a minimum of 2 hours.  Please arrive by 5:45pm for the 6pm tour.  The tour is guided but you have a choice of how much to do (can go back to lodge at any time via Trout Brook Trail).  Good idea:  Bring an additional hand-held flashlight to view more of the trail, new LED ones are quite bright and batteries last a long time.  A campfire, marshmallows and hot drinks are available upon your return.


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