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Park Activities

Unless noted as a FREE activity (included with the Standard Tour), these activities require an additional fee.   

All activities except the 2 mines and 2 climbing walls are open during the same times as our standard tour.   

* Please note that all the mining activities are simulated (not actual functioning mines) and Gold Rush/Crystal Quest are closed during very hot days or severe weather, such as heavy rain or thunderstorms.

July - Aug the mines are open every day from 11am-4pm.   

Early and late season, the mines are open by request from 11am-4pm.

Gemstone Mining

Gemstone Mining Fun
A popular activity for many years, this is your opportunity to find actual gemstones. By placing dirt from the special bag in a screen tray and moving it back and forth in the water trough, the gemstones are revealed. Other bags available include fossils and arrowheads. Prices range depending upon type and size.
Gold Rush Mine
Gold Rush Gemstone Mining
For those wanting a mining experience in the dark, put on a helmet and light and explore our pitch black Gold Rush Mine to find treasures including iron pyrite, polished gems with new “veins” of rock found daily. You get to keep your treasures.  You keep 9 rocks and the fee is $8.95 (save if you do with the Crystal Quest Mine, both for $15.00).
Crystal Quest Mine

Want more mining? Explore our Crystal Quest Mine to find actual crystals buried in the sand. If you find a small geode, we can “pop” it when you come out to reveal the crystals inside. This one is in the dark too.  You keep 9 rocks and the fee is $8.95 (save if you do with the Gold Rush Mine, both for $15.00).
Dino Dig

If Dinosaurs are your thing, then you’ll enjoy this FREE Activity. Uncover buried Dinosaurs bone casts that were made from actual dig sites. These are high quality museum grade. Find the whole Duckbill or Albertosarus jaw. All you need to provide is a sense of adventure and if you want to see the real thing – we have actual bones and teeth for sale in our ROCK SHOP.
Stone Bridge Intro to Disc Golf

What is Disc Golf ? It is a fun way to combine the sport of throwing a disc with the concept of golf. (Note: purists don’t use the term “Frisbee” as these new discs are designed specifically for this sport rather than toss and catch games.) It is a rapidly growing sport with a new course being built every 3 days in the USA! Check out courses in the Adirondacks .  All you have to do is throw your disc from a tee box and get it close to the target. Then the trick is to get your disc to hit the chains of the target and drop into the basket (to sink your putt). The Stone Bridge Frisbee Disc Challenge is an Introduction to Disc Golf 9 hole, par 3 course. FOR 2013:  Course fee is FREE IF YOU BRING YOUR OWN DISC AND HAVE PAID FOR THE CAVE TOUR.  Rental Innova Discs are available for $3.00 if you don't own your own disc (NOTE: these discs are quite different than standard frisbees).  We also sell this professional Innova disc with the Caveman Logo for $10.00. Plan on 20-30 min for this activity.

Caveman Challenge Bouldering Wall 

Activities 11.jpg

Try out your climbing skills on this 24' bouldering wall. See if you can make it from one end to the other without falling off onto the thick 8" padded mat. No ropes needed! Beginers can use all the color holds while the experts can try their skills on the red, green, gray or blue climbing routes. Real purists can see if they can hold on only using the simulated rock surface and cracks. NEW for 2014:  NOW FREE for unlimited climbing with a tour admission (also includes the CaveKid Wall, see below).

See YouTube Video .

PBS Video

Two PBS specials have been produced highlighting these caves. See “Under the Adirondacks”, a presentation which plays every 30 min to learn more about the history and background of the caves. This activity is FREE and is also a great way to come and enjoy the park even if you cannot participate in our tours.

CaveKid Challenge Bouldering Wall 

Tyler on Rock Wall2 web.jpg

All kids love to climb, especially "cavekids"! This challenge course includes touching all the ABC hand and foot holds, passing a tennis ball from one end to the other and making it through all 3 hula hopps without knocking them off. Think you have what it takes? Try out the fun, safe traverse climbing wall. NEW for 2014:  NOW FREE for unlimited climbing with a tour admission (also includes the Caveman Wall, see above).


Adirondack Memories Museum

Included with your admission to the park, learn more about the Pottersville area and the caves in years past. Pictures and videos highlighting the caves being surveyed, in the Winter or during Flood Stage waters bring a new sense of wonder to this unique attraction. Educational Museum Grade Rock Crystals and Petrified Wood Displays. Our love of rocks and fossils are brought to life with these impressive displays. Over one ton specimens preserving ancient features will amaze you.
Playground, Picnic Areas & Snack Bar

These are provided FREE. We have two lighted pavilions with electrical outlets for shelter from the rain or sun. Each can hold over 20-30 people. Two outdoor grills and a large fire-pit are located in the lower parking lot playground area. Many picnic tables, some with umbrellas are located throughout the park.

Basic lunch food is available right at the caves, including sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos and other snack type food.

  Butterfly Box   


New Butterfly Box 08 1.jpg

Observe all the life stages of Monarch and other butterflies.  A fun group activity is to name, tag, record and then release the Monarch to help track migration patterns. The Box is active from Mid August - September.





Stone Bridge Ice Cream  Artisan Gallery & Gifts

FOR 2014 - expanded the Artisan Gallery and Gift Store featuring local North Country Artisans.   Located 2.5 miles from the Caves on the corner of Stone Bridge Rd and Rt 9 (right off I-87 Exit 26). Among the locals, the soft ice cream is legendary, so come early & enjoy over 46 flavors or perhaps a caveman sundae.

EARLY SEASON: (Planned) OPENS MAY 3 for Ice Cream

M-T 4-8pm, F 4-9pm, S/S 11am-9pm.

OPENS MAY 24 for Artisan Gallery and Gifts.      

July - Aug:       Ice Cream open 11am-10pm

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Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

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